Ya know how there’s been this big thing in 2014 about Seinfeld and socks with pool slides and the whole idea about how blending in with the all the peasants around you is the superior way to live because=freedom (what was this called again….??)? Also Lorde. Like how it felt so ⚡️⚡️ to listen to pure heroine and see the beauty of normality and feel united in it. And then the accompanying wonder at how revolutionary it is that someone is representing the masses in this way—conveying actual and relevant timely cultural truth via the most effect tool there is (pop music)!!(shes the glitch)!! And how all of this is actually so real?

But In between all her being fine with counting dollars on the train, there’s the 100 jewels on throats and between teeth—continuous contradictory undercurrents of desire for splendor, power and “the throne”. SLASH/// Ella sings about these peasant things, but shes distinctly NOT a peasant. Shes a pop star/princess (dat Chanel jumpsuit at the vmas!). Shes undebateably a princess now thatshe’s the #1 popstar (in my future power rankings), but i also think she probably always has been in attitude and ability cuz… duh.

Never peasants not for one second= kimye & particularly their recent fairy tale wedding/cultural milestone. This is a proper recognition of how aggressively against the grain their non peasantness is. I love their grandeur and their desire for grandeur, especially becuz they are sorta the only celebs out there truly owning it. Like Kim and Kanye kickin it at Versailles cuz they is not peasants. But once upon a time remember when Marie Antoinette ran away from the main palace to play at the Petite Trianon so she could pretend to be a peasant!

Plus Lordes vma jumpsuit was from the "normcore" collection like… uh? Her look actually sums everything here up perfectly tbh.

Looking at these things as possible explanations/contributors as to WHY beginning in circa april any & every white billowy peasant blouse i saw pulled me in such a powerful and heavenly way, super inexplicably. idk but that feeling and the confusion it brang really frustrated me so we tried to express it here so i could feel better but im still upset. (click on http://westenbrats.tumblr.com to see what im talking about)